Deschutes River Adventures

Kate and Andy came to me for a website redesign in February 2017 after they had purchased Deschutes River Adventures, a rafting company in Maupin, Oregon. At the time, both Kate and Andy had lived and worked as raft guides in Maupin for a handful of years. It was their first time, though, as business owners. They wanted the new website (previously hosted on Wordpress) to have a modern, fresh, and inviting feel to it. We achieved this by first moving away from Wordpress, then using updated, quality images, sticking to a clean color scheme, and rewriting text content.

Scrolling Pages



As a growing business, it's important to highlight positive feedback received from previous customers. DRA already had a Yelp page set up, so finding snippets for testimonials was an easy task. I decided to feature the reviews at the bottom of the homepage.

Map & Directions

Maupin, OR, is certainly in the middle of nowhere, so having both directions and a map on the website is vital. The map is interactive and links directly to Google Maps, making it easy for future rafters to navigate to the foreign lands of Maupin.


Chera and Alex.jpg

Chera & Alex 2017

These days, it’s all the rage for millennials to have a website set up prior to their wedding date. With Chera and Alex, their big day was on May 13, 2017, and as both a friend and a part of the wedding party, I wanted to make sure their website was as cute and functional as it could be.

A Telling Homepage

Though most visitors to wedding websites already know the couple and their story, showcasing this story alongside beautiful imagery is a great way to set up the homepage. It's also a neat place for the couple to share fun, little-known details about their relationship.

Engagement Photos

Prior to the wedding, Chera and Alex scheduled a fun photoshoot to commemorate their engagement. I added these adorable photos on the homepage in a grid design, making it easy for visitors to view them on the homepage.


To ensure that all RSVPs are collected easily and organized (either in an inbox or Google Drive), we added a form which allowed visitors to RSVP directly from the site. This eliminated the need for the snail mail reply, which saved money for all parties involved!

Van Wa Home.JPG

Van, WA Home

To advertise the room(s) available in my house at a specific time, I created this website. I figured it would do a better job at attracting those who I wanted to live with than a sketch Craigslist post could ever do. It allows me to both weed out applicants who are just applying to any house willy-nilly and show off our cute house and fun current roommate(s).

Room Availability

To advertise the room(s) available in my house, I created this website. It attracts those who I actually want to live with, which a standard Craigslist post can't really do! When the room isn't available, I hide the actual site behind this landing page.

House Details

As a millennial, I know creepin’ photos is the go-to action when looking for a place to live. So like I would with a Craigslist post, I include a handful of photos that show all areas of the house. Clicking the photos will enlarge them, so visitors can really get a good creep.

About The Roommates

To help visitors get an idea of the girls/personalities currently residing in the house, I included this section. It also helps convey that we're normal, friendly women searching for a roommate, not scary netizens with tricks up our sleeves.

Elly Bookman.jpg

Elly Bookman

Elly came to me with a quickly-approaching deadline and a request to revamp her website. She had started the site but needed some guidance on how to both make it feel like her own and highlight her recent publications. 

A Minimal Homepage

Since Elly didn't want a lot of imagery for her site, and is rather a woman of words, I decided to feature only text on her landing page. After all, her site was designed mostly as a place for publishers and editors to navigate through when considering her for publications and fellowships.

Large Imagery

Though we only featured two images of Elly on her site, we decided to make those images really pop by allowing them to be nearly full-bleed and only appear when you hover over the navigation links. Additionally, an excerpt from one of her pieces appears atop the images when you scroll to the bottom of each page.

Publication Excerpts

For her Publications page, Elly sent me a Google document with excerpts from her work and links leading to the full publications. I neatly placed this information on the page by giving each publication its own section, and within that section, fitting text formatting and a button leading to the entire piece.

IPS Fire2.jpg

IPS Fire

When John came to me in July 2014, his company's website was a bit outdated and needed a good revamp. The main goal was to make the website more user-friendly while also advertising the materials and services provided by IPS Fire. Also vital to those working at the company was to ensure that their custom e-mail addresses would not be interrupted during the website recreation process.

Unique Landing Page

Upon arrival, visitors are greeted with two options - to contact a representative or to learn more about the company's services. This is useful for both parties because existing clients can choose Contact Us and immediately fill out a contact form, while new clients can choose Learn More to read about the services provided.

Thumbnail Navigation

This "What We Do" page features three thumbnail images which visitors can click on to read more about a particular service. When an image is clicked on, the thumbnail navigation actually stays at the bottom of the page, allowing the visitors to easily choose another option.


Designed in an orderly grid layout are logos of all the companies which IPS works with. These are important to highlight not only so the visitor can see the success of IPS Fire but also for the clientele to feel appreciated and recognized.