sunday, february 6.

pops and i also made it to bongeun-sa buddhist temple during his visit.


this place is very relaxing. despite the fact that it is in the middle of downtown seoul, it is a very quiet and peaceful temple to visit.

i felt like there were more people than usual at bongeun-sa because it was lunar new year, and people must have been paying their respects to buddha. incenses were burning and people were praying.




we later went to insa-dong, a popular shopping place in seoul.


seoul2010_246 [i love these socks! send me your address and i'd be happy to send you a pair ^_^]

this is papa trying mandu for the first time:


i took my father out to galbi for his last dinner here in korea. while i don't mind the meat being cooked in front of me, i definitely don't eat that shit. instead, i ate a delicious jjigae.


oh, and i totally fell in love with this playlist this weekend:

enjoy! ^__^