thursday, february 3 - happy lunar new year!! ^_^

today, we seoulites are celebrating the this year's lunar new year!wikipedia tells me the korean new year usually falls on the day of the second new moon after winter solstice. wiki, you're so clever. my father, papa blaine as i like to call him, came to visit me for my lunar new year vacation. raise your hand if you enjoying saying "father" rather than "dad" because it makes you sound more pretentious. [insert hand raise here.]


this is his second time vacationing to seoul since my arrival. i know, i know, i'm a spoiled kid ... let me just rub it in your face for a second, hokay?

in light of the lunar new year, papa and i made sure we did our favorite things today - bowling and ice cream munching. ^__^



we ventured around parts of olympic park i hadn't seen before.


[i've decided that seoul is like the most romantic place i've ever been to! couple bike rides, views from seoul tower, ice skating, olympic park ... ahhhh, i love it here, despite my boyfriend-less lifestyle. ^__^]

we also went to lotte world, a popular recreation complex and amusement park in seoul [the largest indoor theme park in da worrrrld, WDB], for a game of bowling and people watching.


yesterday, papa blaine and i visited the minsokchon folk village.


there, we watched a crazy dance performance. these guys had ribbons attached to their hats, and they would swing their heads from side to side, allowing the ribbons to go buck-wild.


we also watched this ajjishi (sp? ajjishi = elder, respected man) walk across a tightrope. he had a sense of humor during his performance. he tricked us by faking a few falls and landing on his butt.



these are traditional pots koreans make bean paste from.


hahaha these mules were haha-hilarious. this guy was showing his teeth so desperately because my fat ass had a bag of pseudo-dorito chips lying on the ground. they wanted me to feed them, but instead, i just snapped some candids.IMG_6180


this cat was just chillin' with these ladies, waiting for some grub to be tossed at his gnarly snout.


the folk village had a frozen part of land where people would sled (sort of?), actually, more like scoot, around the ice. i pulled the paparazzo card and grabbed some candids of this adorable little girl.


oh, this girl, too:

girlbubbles raise your hand if you want to put these little munchkins in your purse and steal them. [<--- insert joke font here.]

this guy was pounding, sharpening, perfecting, doing something to these knives.


apologies if this post loads super slow because i couldn't calm my fingers from creating multiple .gifs!!