thursday, january 27.

i haven't been able to do laundry for days.


the pipes of my entire building are frozen. we did, however, finally get the go to start our washing machines yesterday [which, while this should excite me, didn't, because every damned time i do laundry here in seoul my mood automatically turns sour. this cheap-ass industrial washing machine is ruining my clothes!] so last night, i put a load in and become a bit hopeful because the water was actually flowing into the washing machine for once. i leave and come back later to find that the water will not drain from the machine. so now i have a heavy load of whites soaking in a machine full of water. i give myself a hernia while grabbing the laundry bag [you put your clothes in a laundry bag here in attempt to not "stretch them out" but shit doesn't do much] from out of the machine. i set the bag outside my balcony in the sixteen degree weather. [hey, i had to drain the water somehow!] i come back and later to find i have a frozen bag of whites. here's my iciclothes the next morning:


i haven't been able to laundry for weeks, but i've been tumblin' for days.