monday, december 6.

this past weekend i went to hongdae.[again.] what a surprise!

but this time ... i didn't go by myself! now that is truly a surprise!!

i met up with my friend, jessica schmidt, who is also living in a suburb of seoul. jessica and i went to wsu together. we worked on the literary and arts magazine, landescapes, together.

i was so!! happy to hang out with a familiar face! it was really nice seeing jessica again. she is such a fun girl ^_^

jessica and i had too much fun in this bedazzled photo-sticker booth thing. the description of that youtube video pretty much sums up our experience in one sentence. "korean sticker booths are pretty much like american photo booths but 100 times more awesome."


so you first pick out silly accessories to bedazzle your ensemble.


then you go into this cubicle of bright lights ...


and pick out some ridiculous backdrops to pose like total [adorable] asians in front of.

you then edit your photos with this touch screen computer.



[jessica and i had bedazzled the shit outta these guys! but because we still can't understand the language, we accidentally erased all of our edits and printed the boring ones. we justified our mistake by participating in another photo shoot ^_^. i mean, naturally.]


[america, seriously - you're missin' out on a wonderful thing.]

and, if it wasn't your first time and you weren't super stoked about the masterpiece like i was, you can post one of your stickers on the wall.


later we grabbed some cupcakes to accompany our loud, american giggles.



p.s. this will always be my ALL TIME FAVORITE SONG ... YEAR ROUND ^_^