sunday, november 21.

so i've deleted my facespace this past weekend and in this post, i will list the reasons why i chose to do so.

1. my dad sent this article to me that discussed the "no-nos of facebook". [don't skip over this link if you're a facebook user!] this article led me to a different one that listed examples of people fired from their job because of things they had posted on facebook. no, i am not worried about losing my job here in korea. i was facespace friends with most of my coworkers, including my bosses, and i was not stressed about the content they could access from my facebook page. what worried me was actually the thought of potential, future employers digging up some kind of facebook post i committed years ago or something. the scary fact about facebook is that it is so open, so inviting, so encouraging to comment wherever and whatever. i don't remember every photo i've commented on. i don't remember every comment i've "liked". and i certainly don't remember every photo i've been tagged in. 2. "the first step to recovery is admitting you have a problem", right??

well, i have a hunch that i have a problem with facebook. damn you, mark zuckerberg, for making me feel so helpless.


i don't want to click that bookmarked site every time i have the least bit of free time. i dont want to sit in front of my computer screen for an hour stalking some random person i've never met in real life. i don't want to "accidentally" creep on my ex-boyfriend's facebook page and sulk as i browse through his new photos with his hot, stupid, slutty girlfriend. i don't want to feel this need to be connected to people twenty four hours of the day. i don't want to advertise this pseudo internet image of myself to my "friends", coworkers, relatives, people i knew in middle school, new girlfriends of ex-boyfriends, and most definitely not to randoms i meet at a party who insist on friending me the next morning. i may not want to do these things. but i do them still. and i do them every single day of my life. its disgusting, really, the helplessness i feel from mark zuckerberg's grasp on my social life.


3. i moved to seoul to learn about a new culture and also about myself. how can i succeed in doing so if i spend the majority of my time on social networking sites that only makes me stupider? no, i don't think i'm benefiting from knowing that sally sorostitute is going to the gym or, better yet, that chad is still pounding four lokos. these kinds of things, while entertaining, are not relevant to me. these kinds of things are just feeding to this need i feel (thanks again, zuckerberg, you genius) to up these douches and portray an artificial image that i think to be cooler than theirs. i think its about time i start worrying about the importance of life rather than what strangers think of me. at 22, its probably about time i grow up and value my family, friends (on and off the internet), and all the opportunities that my parents have provided me with.

4. i can direct my free time toward more intellectual (yet relaxing) online outlets. stumbleupon is my new addiction. i am actually learning new things every day by using this service. gathering a smug music collection is always fun.

5. maybe i can even plan [and sometimes carry out] activities that DON'T INVOLVE MY COMPUTER.

[whaaaa? no way.] with that said, it's been fun, facebook.

it truly has been. here's to an entertaining four year, three month stand, facespace.