tuesday, october 12th.

so this weekend i went to an international film festival in busan.i got to go with tony, his girlfriend ting, and another one of their friends named martin. i am so thankful for their invite ... tony and ting have been super generous in asking me to attend cool things with them.

here are a few photos from our adventure:

busanhotelblog [this is the "motel" we stayed in ... i'm not quite sure if it can be categorized as a korean love motel]




[this was where we watched a  filipino  movie titled "here comes the bride". yah, we went to a film festival and only saw one movie ... punch me in the face or something. all the tickets were sold out to the other movies but luckily, we got a ticket to one of the outside night shows. the movie was complete crap but it was still cool to be a part of the event!]

piff2010 [PIFF = pusan international film festival. "pusan" is the old way of spelling "busan".]


busandryfinish [dry finish, anyone?]

busangirlphoto [when in korea, you are constantly seeing little korean girls taking photos of themselves. they often put one of their hands to the side of their face like this. she did this for about 15 minutes until she apparently got a photo she was satisfied with.]

busantingtonymartin [ting (out of focus! ahhh =[), maarten, and tony.]



busanview [view from the busan tower]

busanfishmarket [we also to the jagalchi fish market in busan.]

busanmeal2 [the night ended with a beach side dinner of barbecued eel. YUM!]