wednesday, october 31.

on day four of our bike tour, we were pretty exhausted DEAD. that, and this was the day that we had to bike THIRTY FIVE miles. which, you know, may not sound like a lot, but trust me, going up those mountainous hills, IT IS. because of this, i took only TWO photos during the actual bike ride. this one:

tsushima, japan 2012.

and this one:

tsushima, japan 2012.

[haha that is erin, exhausted and probably thirsty on the side of the road.]

once we arrived to our final destination, with our sunburnt faces and broken lower regions, we barbarically downed some food.

[i was in QUITE the mood at this point of the trip. i kept telling my bike crew that i was in a "deep, dark place."]

we were stoked to get to a place where we didn't have to bike anymore, but our little guesthouse wasn't the cleanest slash most comforting.

tsushima, japan 2012.

naturally, i slipped right back into my deep, dark place, and barely made it outta there by the next afternoon.