2014 Travels: Places Visited

Since March, when I ended my contact at KPI, I've been pretty much in a state of constant movement. These past four months have been a whirlwind, and I'm so grateful that I was able to travel for such an extensive period! I finally have time to sit down and blog about it, so brace yourself.

Two weeks after I arrived to America from Korea, I went to San Francisco, where I visited Megan Wetterau. I then went to Hawaii for Jenn and Brandon's wedding. A few days after Hawaii, I made a quick stop in Frankfurt and met up with Bobbi and Mark. From Frankfurt, Bobbi & Mark, Sarah & Hide, and I traveled to Morocco and spent two weeks vacationing in three different cities there. After Morocco, I went to Prague, Czech Republic. There, I stayed with Grafton's friends (who are residents from all around the world)! From Prague, I traveled to Japan, where I met up with Grafton. Grafton and I spent a week in Japan, and then we went back to Korea together. I returned to America after spending about a month in Korea with Grafton, and shortly after my arrival home, my family and I went to Whistler, BC.

So long story short...

San Fran > Honolulu > Frankfurt > Morocco > Prague > Japan > Korea > Whistler


In the next few days, I plan to write about each place visited in separate posts. In the meantime, click here to see all the photos from my travels!