Thursday, September 5

First of all, happy September! I cannot believe that it's already fall. On my side of the world, we are welcoming a new semester and new teachers. Check out our new KPI folk!

Domenic DiMenichi

Brittany Beeler

Kristine Hankins

Lauren Richmond

Morgan McKay

Rebekah Janowski Ramos

Sarah Brockie

Michelle Conron

Terrance Cassell

Rebekah actually worked here a while ago, went to live and teach in Costa Rica for a year, and now she's back!

This semester, we R&D members decided to play a little (harmless) prank on the newbies. Instead of me giving them a copy of their real polaroid, I gave them modified versions, similar to the ones below, and waited for their reactions. They all took the joke pretty well! Click here to read all the funny polaroids. =]

Lauren Richmond2

Morgan McKay2

We are also introducing our school's new blog this semester. I was asked to create this blog for our school, and I had such a fun time doing so!! Seriously, I've said it once, and I'll say it again - I really, really love my job. =]