thursday, june 13.

this past week i've been MIA because i was spending a short time in vancouver, washington, my hometown! i flew home for lani and kenny's wedding! i'll post photos from the wedding events soon, but in the meantime, i'll share with you images from my old neighborhood, mountain meadows, in hockinson, washington. nearly every time i visit washington, i drive out to the boondocks and visit my childhood stomping grounds.





as you can see, my old neighborhood is very lush and welcoming. only now, because i currently live in a neighborhood that has little to no trees lining its streets, i realize that i took my previous living situation for granted. still, though, it's nice to visit mountain meadows and relive memories of bike riding, go kart racing, and dog walking among all that greenery.

and lastly, here is hockinson market! this little store has a special place in my heart. my parents would buy me candy and rent movies here when i was a little munchkin. at age 16, when i got my license, my older brother and i would often drive down the road to grab candy from this market. it's comforting to know that it hasn't changed much in the past decade or so.