sunday, april 7.

i've been busy designing a few fun things, both inside and outside the office, but i'll post more about what i've been up to on the weekends a bit later. in the meantime, take a peek at my latest AI creations =]

i created this poster (by loosely following this tutorial) to inform our staff of a group hike we plan to tackle. if all goes well, we'll hike bukhansan next weekend.

bukhansan poster

and this!! image was created with the help of my extremely talented, cool, fellow PNWer coworker, kait. we are working together to create these images for our new language arts program. kait sketched this little boy, and then i scanned the image and played around with it in illustrator. we have a lot more work ahead of us, and while this may just be a "practice" image, i'm still stoked to be working on a project like this.

first sketch to vector via AI