elyse’s post college plans.

i haven't really told a lot of people yet, but i am moving to Seoul, South Korea for a year starting in august of 2010.

Screen shot 2010-09-08 at 8.55.47 PM

i will be a member of KNP's research and development team. KNP is a private english school located Seoul.

i got the job because WSU DTC graduate, tony dell'ario, e-mailed one of my WSU professors asking whether or not she knew of any recent graduates qualified for this R&D position.

the interview process was different than any i have ever experienced. it was over a course of two skype interviews that i convinced my future co-workers i was capable of filling the position.


call me a creep, but i was so stoked about the job opportunity and unique interview process that i sneakily took a screen shot of my first skype interview =]