thursday, september 15.

shalom! i am back from japan!i will try to blog a day-to-day synopsis of my trip to fukuoka, japan. hopefully my blog posts will be more successful than my others about my malaysia/singapore trip. (perhaps i'll finish those at a later date.) before i tell you about my short trip to japan, i'll show you the folks i traveled with. i found out about the trip through (it's not just for seoul - check that website out!) i traveled with a group of 38 foreigners (who currently reside in various parts of korea).

fukuoka, japan, september 2011.

these homies, dylan, alex, and fallon, were the people i closely kicked it with on the trip.

fukuoka, japan, september 2011.

i know alex through tony and ting, and we met dylan and fallon on the trip. we made for such a great group of friends!

more on japan later ^_^