sunday, september 4.

these days, i often find myself blurting out "yonyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!" in a whiny, melodramatic voice.i am, of course, referring to my friend slash coworker slash boss man slash mentor here in korea, anthony dell'ario. [don't let him fool you - "anthony" is just his go-to internet name. we call him "tony" in real life.]

seoul, july, 2011.

[everyday tony.]

tony and his girlfriend, ting, left korea this week after a good three years of living here. they are two of the closest friends i made here in korea, and i'm not the happiest to see them go. =[

seoul, july, 2011.
Me and Ting

(oh my gosh, cutest couple EVER.)

i have tony to thank for my current position at KNP. tony is also a coug alumni and when R+D was looking for another staff member last year, he sent an e-mail to a former mutual professor of ours, asking whether she knew of anybody fit for the position.

seoul, july, 2011.

[this expression somewhat resembles, but isn't as great as, tony's "OMG, you've gotta be joking me, elyse" face.]

i jokingly tell him that i successfully tricked him into hiring me because, well, i wasn't the best at grammar (a big part of the job description) and i can act much cooler through a computer than i can in real life. ^_^

actually, i also have tony to thank for my whole "oh hey, i'm awesome on the internet" persona. he's excellent at taking beautiful photos of me. many thanks for inflating my ego even more, bones.

AZ365-16: Bubbles Success! 1

[AZ365-16: Bubbles Success! 1 on yony's flickr.]

tony has taught me a lot about the korean lifestyle since my arrival. he's also taught me many grammar points of which i was previously and embarrassingly oblivious to. he would often ramble about things such as physics, photography, geography, and this idea that "randomness doesn't exist," and i would usually (always) just nod my head and act like i understood the jargon coming from his mouth. i had many names for tony. among these names was "uncle tony" because (how do i say this without sounding like a total sap?) he also taught me a lot about how to properly deal with strange situations, people, and life in general.

seoul, july, 2011.
KNP beer party, august, 2011.

[a typical elyse and tony sighting kkkkk ^_^]

[i mean, look at that furry face - don't you just wish he would like be your personal cardigan-wearing (and sharing) professor or something?]

to say the least, tony made my life in korea much easier because, well, i like to think he knows everything. i think i've even referred to him as "google" before. would that make him "toogle?"

both tony and ting really took me under their wings when i moved here. they invited me to trips outside of seoul, photo adventures, and cool-people parties.

Elyse Shoots Ting
tony and ting, october, 2010.
tony and ting, october, 2010.

they are both such wonderful, intelligent, loving people.

life in definitely korea won't be the same without them! :/

tony and ting, october, 2010.

thank you, friends, for everything you've shown me. like OMG 143 forever, you two, BFFLS like WOAH! ;]