wednesday, july 20.

i finally got this roll of film developed that was sitting my canon 35 since last july.that's one beauty of film photography ... you forget how long ago you took photos and the development process always brings surprises! my brother-sister duo friends, lani and keaten, may notice i'm copying them on the whole break-from-SLR-for-a-while trend, but i have a feeling they don't mind. =]]

chicago 2010.

[broseph featured in what might be one of my favorite film photographs, taken in chicago of last year.]

seoul, december 2010.

[snowy seoul.]

seoul, july 2011.

[this was seoul yesterday ... such a beautiful day!]

seoul, july 2011.

[these are the buses lined up outside my school.]

you can see more of my scanned film photos by clicking here. ^^