Educational Graphics


The following images were drawn by the talented Kait Lawler, and I made them into vector images with a little bit of color and Adobe Illustrator fun.



By following a few online tutorials, I was able to extensively expand my Adobe Illustrator knowledge. Below are designs I've created (both using a tutorial and from scratch), mostly just to expand my Illustrator skills.

Social Events

Social Banner.png

When living abroad in Korea, I had multiple opportunities to create posters for social events, seen below.

Vector Portraits


I was first inspired to create a vector portrait of Philip Seymour Hoffman around the time of his 2014 passing. I thought that piece turned out really well, so I challenged myself to then create vector images of friends and family.


Horizontal Lake1.jpg

Every now and then, I'll create short videos for kicks and giggles. Below are a few of my most recent videos.